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Monoprixx Street Art Tours

London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles. These are the cities where many projects happen related to street art. So if you’re in London, you’re at one of the best, most happening cities when it comes to public art.

My carefully crafted walking tours will let you discover the street art in the city and you will also learn the unwritten rules of this culture. You will find out why are dubbed a ‘street art capital’. I’ve been spending loads of time since 2012 with artists ad brimming with knowledge. My tours are open to questions.
This is also one of the few street art tours that directly support artists with legal spaces and materials. Take a look at the ‘Portfolio’ page for just some of the murals I helped to curate in the past years.

Brick Lane / Shoreditch Street Art Guided Tour

What we’ll do

We will be taking a leisurely stroll on Brick Lane and around Shoreditch. I will show you iconic murals and hidden pieces in the area and also include the latest artworks. You will learn about graffiti culture, can ask questions and take great pictures along the way. You will find out why London is called a ‘street art capital‘. This is also one of the trendiest and most popular areas in London, full of independent traders, vintage shops and the famous curry houses.

Where we’ll be

We will be meeting outside Aldgate East station, next to Whitechapel Gallery. We will be walking up on Brick Lane and depending on what new works are in the area, tours on different dates can have different routes. Depending on the group’s wishes, we can have a half-way break in a local, independent café shop. The tour is open to questions.

All our tours are LGBTQ friendly.


Brick Lane / Shoreditch Street Art Instagram Accounts

Full list of artists’s Instagram accounts: Shoreditch-Street-Art-Tour-Instagram-Accounts

Camden Street Art Guided Tour

What we’ll do

We’ll be taking a two-hour leisurely walk in one of the most popular and highly visited areas of London. I’ve organised murals in the area, so I know quite a lot of artists, both international and local. You’ll be able to ask questions and there will be ample photo opportunities. You’ll learn about how street art works, its origins, why it’s so popular, the difference between graffiti and street art, and how street artists earn their living. Street art constantly changes in London. I’ll show you classic pieces of work along with recent street art pieces.

Where we’ll be

We’ll meet outside Camden Town Underground Station, next to HSBC bank. Although this is a popular neighbourhood, we’ll head off the beaten track, so you can experience the area as a local would. I’ll show you murals, smaller street art pieces, and anything in between. We’ll conclude our walk near to our meeting point.

All our tours are LGBTQ friendly.


Camden Street Art Instagram Accounts

Full list of artists’s Instagram accounts: Camden Street Art Instagram Accounts