Brick Lane / Shoreditch Tours


Experience includes:

2 hour street art tour around trendy Brick Lane and Shoreditch.
Insights from an insider in the street art world including stories on the artists.
Chance to meet other locals interested in the urban environment and art.

At the moment there are no scheduled dates and times for the Brick Lane tour.

You can book via Airbnb for my tours in Shoreditch here:



Nelly’s carefully crafted tours will take you through one of London’s quirkiest neighbourhoods, down off the beaten track backstreets and thoroughfares, where she will point out some of the most secret and unique street art to be found there. Nelly will share insider stories about the lives of the artists who created these works to give you some insight into their possible meaning and inspiration.

The aim of Nelly’s tours is to open your mind about the city you live in – to no longer see it as a static space but also as a dynamic environment where artists leave their creative marks. Nelly hopes to stress the value of art in public spaces as a way of changing people’s perspectives of the area and to use street art to peel off the layers of the society in which they sit.

“If you would like to enquire about a private tour please send me a message and we can create one to suit your date/time/requirements”

Brick Lane / Shoreditch Meeting Point:

Aldgate East Station / Whitechapel Gallery,
77-82 Whitechapel High Street,
E1 7QX

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