Brick Lane / Shoreditch Street Art Tour

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Brick Lane, once associated with poor slums and the backdrop for Jack The Ripper is now popular and vibrant with London’s’ artistic community. Landmark’s such as the notorious Ten Bells pub still stands. A hub of London’s Bangladeshi community, Brick Lane is famous for it’s many authentic curry restaurants. The Old Truman Brewery another famous Landmark hosts a market every Sunday where designers sell a variety of goods. Together with trendy clubs, and bars you’ll also find vintage clothing stores and boutiques. Brick Lane is of course world famous for its Street Art and Graffiti hosting works by many artists from around the world as well as local artists that paint frequently. The landscape is forever changing so exciting finds are always round the corner.

Join me to discover a side of Brick Lane and Shoreditch you never knew it existed! My two-hour walking tours will guide you through the area and tell you about the amazing artists who created them. I have been taking pictures of Street Art and Graffiti since 2012, I spend a lot of time with artists, so I know my stuff.

I will talk about the history of this culture, how artists earn their living, the impact of public art, social media’s role within the street art scene, techniques, difference between Street Art and Graffiti and more.

Tour Details

On a typical tour we will see:

  • Murals
  • Stencil works
  • Installation pieces
  • Political works
  • Pasteups
  • Graffiti

and many more!

I am also more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hopefully by the end of each tour people begin to see Brick Lane and Shoreditch, and indeed every city thereafter, as dynamic canvases where artists leave their creative marks. I love Street Art and I’m thrilled to share this passion with my guests!

Notes: this tour route is wheelchair and stroller friendly. Smooth pavement mostly with some cobbled stones.

All my activities are LGBTQ friendly.

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