Guided Street Art Tours London

Passionate about Street Art Monoprixx offer guided street art tours around London. Our tours will take you to see London’s finest pieces of art and graffiti in well known spots as well as secret locations off the grid.

Meet your guide

My Name is Nelly and I am your guide. I started to post pictures of street art and graffiti on social media early 2012. Had no camera or knowledge of the different techniques or artists at the time. Also, I didn’t have a camera, I was taking pictures with my smartphone at the beginning. Very quickly I upgraded to a camera as I didn’t like the image quality smartphones produced. There I was armed with a camera, a travelcard and loads of enthusiasm and curiosity. I have met hundreds of artists to date, as sooner or later, many of them will travel to London, to paint or to have an exhibition in the city. I’ve also discovered areas in London I haven’t been before.

I have quit my office job a few years ago, started to run street art tours and get involved with art projects and haven’t looked back since. I started guest blogging on the Street Art News website and I was one of the editors and contributors to the Instagrafite blog when it started up in 2015. Writing appeals to me for many reasons. One of these is that instead of posting an image on social media with a vague description, I can elaborate on the artist, their background and the project they are working on.

I will mainly have my own content on this site: writing, images, videos and of course my own opinion. I have seen the street art scene going from strength to strength since 2012. There’s a lot more interest in this artform worldwide and more and more websites are dedicated to it. My intention was from the beginning to share as many images as I can (and now videos too).

Hope you enjoy the content of this site.