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Phlegm – Mausoleum of the Giants

British artist Phlegm is one of the most known urban artists in the whole world. He’s been painting giant murals internationally way before it was commonplace. His illustration style monochrome works are all over the world. His works adorn multiple cities in the UK like London, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol and Blackburn. He also has murals worldwide. I could easily say that he is in the top 10 of urban artists who paints most frequently on a bigger scale, worldwide.

He doesn’t exhibit his work as this is not something he is interested in, he produces print releases instead every few years which he self produces. This is why the exhibition that just closed in Sheffield was such a big event and a huge surprise to his fans and to the people of Sheffield.

Visitors were treated to three-dimensional large scale sculptures, based on the artist’s characters that we usually see in two-dimensional versions in his street art works, all situated in an abandoned building. I visited on a weekday and at 11 am, an hour before opening, the queue was already wrapping itself around the building. Each group was consisting of 25 – 30 visitors and we got half an hour to look around and take pictures. Take a look below of the images to get a better idea why this is probably one of the best urban exhibitions in 2019 and it’s only mid-April.

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