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A story on paper

I remember when in 2012, I first saw a pasteup by Donk and I was an instant fan. As I learned more about pasteups, I found out that not all pasteup artists work the same way. Some of them do a Google search, find a desirable image (which doesn’t belong to them). They might tweak it a bit to suit their expectations, for example by adding a slogan to the image. Essentially, they are mass-producing the image with minimal effort.

Donk’s work is very labour-intensive. He takes the images himself, he produces the prints and quite often he treats them with coffee or tea so the pasteups look more rustic and fit better into the urban environment. The pasteup ‘B Brave’ featuring his son is one of my favourite ones from the artist. A simple image of a young boy in dinosaur pyjamas, wearing a native Indian headgear. It’s a very soothing image (you can see it below) and it always makes me smile when I see it. The muted colours of the pasteups gives this feeling that the images were placed on the streets ages ago and been nicely weathered by the elements.

The overall look of Donk’s pasteups are similar aesthetically: washed out colours, contrasting background and image colours, hint of nostalgia like boom boxes featured in the works. Below is a selection of images I took of the artist’s works in London.

Donk social media: Instagram